Dallas Cowboys Draft: Which teams could trade up for a QB

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Dallas Cowboys Trade Partners

This one might rile some up, but the truth is there might be some truth to the 49ers moving on from Jimmy G. Maybe the 49ers really were just doing their due diligence, but there have been some rumblings the 49ers could look to move on from Garoppolo. This would be a prime season to move up and grab a Zach Wilson for San Francisco.

The 49ers sit behind Chicago, Atlanta, and Denver in the draft, and not knowing what Washington, Carolina, or the Eagles will do might force their hand. They might be one of the biggest possibilities to move up of the teams outside of the top 10. The 49ers need a quarterback and this is the season to get one early.

The Lions

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The Lions faithful are ready to move on from Matthew Stafford, and after this season they could very well make the move. The Lions are sitting just ahead of the Bears, but just behind the Broncos. They could worry the Bears would jump them in the draft to take a quarterback so they may be willing to move up to a top-five pick. It helps both teams from a conference are looking for a quarterback at the same time.

The Lions and the Bears competing against each other could play right into Dallas’ hand as they could drive up the price by using the other team as leverage. The Lions could get by with Stafford, but with the top four quarterbacks in this draft, it could give both teams a reason to pull the trigger.