Dallas Cowboys: Want to fix the defense? Then re-sign Dak Prescott

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If the Dallas Cowboys want to fix the defense they better re-sign Dak Prescott

When assessing the Dallas Cowboys quarterback position, you would think that everyone would be on board with re-signing Dak Prescott. But staring a top-4 pick in the eyes this spring, there are some in the national media and even Cowboys Nation who believe the Dallas Cowboys should bypass defense in the draft and pick a quarterback first in the 2021 NFL Draft. My Goodness!

To put this bluntly, that’s pure madness. With a historically bad defense sinking to new depths each and every week, the solution is to “draft a QB?” Are you kidding me?

Dak has not only earned his money, but he’s earned his place as a top-5 quarterback in this league. Before Dak’s injury, all Dak did was set NFL records by being the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 450 yards in three straight games and to accumulate over 1800 yards of offense in the first four games of an NFL season.

And the best way to fix this defense is for Dallas to trade their premium draft pick for more picks with a desperate team looking for a quarterback. Then re-sign Dak. Just common sense.

As we watch Dallas’ season sink like the infamous Titanic, it’s more than evident how much Dallas misses Dak and all of his intangibles. Although Andy Dalton is playing decent, he’s still getting blown out. Dak Prescott was able to keep Dallas in games until the clock struck zero. Sadly, even record setting performances wasn’t enough for Dak to overcome the deficiencies of this defense. But that’s an indictment on the defense, certainly not the QB.

Take note that Dallas didn’t get blown out by anyone while Dak was at the helm. Dak literally put Dallas on his back and carried them to the end zone.

Further, drafting an unproven quarterback will set this franchise back a few years as he develops. Regardless of how good that player may be at the collegiate level, it’s a crap shoot when it comes to drafting any college player.  even at the top of the draft it’s really 50/50 when it comes to a quarterback.

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As you can see in the list linked above, there’s a long list of can’t miss quarterbacks in recent years who have been busts. The chances of getting someone better than Dak, even in the top-5, is slim. Playing quarterback roulette is dangerous and risky.

Even former Dallas head coach Jimmy Johnson stated how the Cowboys should not bypass a franchise quarterback if they have the opportunity to draft one. In all fairness, Johnson believes re-signing Dak should be Dallas’ number one priority. So let’s hope it’s the latter and not the former.

Dak had started in 72 straight games and has an overall winning record of 42-27-0. Plus, at the time of his injury, Dak was tied with Russell Wilson with the second most wins since he joined the league in 2016, with Tom Brady being number one. To be associated with future Hall of Famers is a great feat in itself.

I don’t care how good Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence is supposed to be or how dynamic Ohio State’s Justin Fields can perform against Big Ten competition. Those young quarterbacks play every week with a bunch of first round draft picks who are clearly the best on the field. They’re supposed to play and look like Heisman candidates. You get that talent disparity in the NFL

Dak is a fourth rounder who has won more games than Jared Goff and the recently benched Carson Wentz. Goff and Wentz were drafted number one and two in the 2016 ahead of Dak. It’s clear that Dak is the better quarterback.

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Wentz 2017 MVP type season was truly a fluke. Like a lot of people, I really thought Wentz was going to be an elite quarterback. Dallas never had that issue with Dak. This team doesn’t have to worry about Dak’s physical skills eroding like former NFL MVP Cam Newton. They don’t need to worry about lack of arm strength like Drew Brees and Tom Brady have suffered. They have a guy in his prime ready to go.

Here’s a reality check: Dallas lost 34-17 to the average Baltimore Ravens, and Dallas defense gave up 294 yards rushing. The Dallas Cowboys need to fix their defense like it’s going to fight a war in a foreign land. Not draft another elite college quarterback like BYU’s Zach Wilson.

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And the best way to fix this defense is for Dallas to trade their premium draft pick for more picks with a desperate team looking for a quarterback. Then re-sign Dak. Just common sense.

Hopefully, Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones will resist the temptation to draft a quarterback. Please, fix the defense and just sign Dak!  Trust me, you will thank me later.