Dallas Cowboys: 3 Michael Gallup trade scenarios to boost the defense

Michael Gallup, Wide Receiver (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Michael Gallup, Wide Receiver (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys need to upgrade talent and a trade is the best way to do it.

Before Dak Prescott’s season-ending injury, the Dallas Cowboys were averaging over 30 points a game with ease. Dak was eclipsing the 300/400 yard mark consistently and tossing touchdown passes like he was playing a video game.

Even though the Cowboys were constantly playing from behind, it was exciting to watch because Dak was slinging the ball to his elite receiving corps of Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, Cedrick Wilson, Noah Brown, Blake Jarwin, and Dalton Schultz.

Three things were quite clear to anyone watching:

  1. The Cowboys had an elite quarterback in Dak Prescott.
  2. They had offensive weapons galore.
  3. They had an awful defense.

Matching a high octane offense with a putrid defense is great for video games and fantasy football, but in the real world it’s a recipe for disaster The Dallas Cowboys must get better on defense and a trade is still the Cowboys best option to fix their defensive woes once and for all.

Bring on the trade

Of course, the tradeable player/players would come from the offensive side of the ball because that’s where the most talent resides. Some fans don’t want to trade any of their offensive stars because that’s Dallas’ strength. It’s understandable. Three months ago, I wrote an article stating how the Cowboys should trade Gallup in the offseason for some defensive help.

Do yourself a favor and go through the NFL rolodex of teams that needs a receiver, and you’ll have a better understanding of Gallup’s value. Remember, desperation is the achilles heel of anemic offenses.

As you can imagine, that scenario was met with plenty of negativity from Cowboys Nation, and I was told to stick to writing (amongst other distasteful recommendations). Fast forward to 2021, and their mindset has changed. So I’m going to put on my general manager’s hat once again and throw out a few draft/trade scenarios Dallas could use.

Dallas Cowboys Scenario #1

Because Michael Gallup is still playing under a rookie deal and unlikely to get a contract extension, it’s in Dallas’ best interest to trade Gallup now and get some draft capital to go towards the defense. And when I say draft capital, I’m talking at least a top-50 pick (Dallas drafted Trevon Diggs with the 42nd pick).

See what I mean.

Besides, Gallup is a rising number one receiver who had 59 receptions, 843 yards, averaged 14.3 receptions, and five touchdowns in 2020. Despite playing with four different quarterbacks throughout the season, Gallup put up some decent numbers.

Had Dak not gotten injured, Gallup would have easily surpassed the 1,000 yard mark for the second time in his three-year career. With Dak as the quarterback, Gallup could have led Dallas’  receiving corps in every statistical category. Believe it.

Another reason Dallas should trade Gallup is because he’ll easily fetch a second round pick or a third round pick right now. In a pass-happy league, general managers are salivating for a talented, acrobatic, big-play receivers like Gallup. Think of all of the teams that are receiver deficient, like the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, just to name a few.

Do yourself a favor and go through the NFL rolodex of teams that needs a receiver, and you’ll have a better understanding of Gallup’s value. Remember, desperation is the Achilles heel of anemic offenses.

Or Dallas could straight up trade Gallup  for another defensive starter that would make an immediate impact, like a defensive tackle or safety. Don’t look at me like that because unless it’s a defensive back like Jalen Ramsey, Stephon Gilmore or Xavien Howard, several general managers will pull the trigger faster than a Cowboy in a western movie to make that trade.

Dallas Cowboys Scenario #2

If Dallas goes with the “BPA” approach (Best Player Available), Dallas could possibly draft another offensive weapon in All American tight end Kyle Pitts out of Florida. Before you take my head off, let me explain the reason. Pitts would be another offensive weapon that helps….

Replace Gallup’s production. Yes, I know you’re wondering about Dallas’ other tight ends, Blake Jarwin, Schultz, and Blake Bell. You can package a deal with Gallup and Schultz and get some draft picks or top-notch players in return.

After Schultz’ stellar play this season, he’s proven he’s a legit tight end that can catch and score touchdowns. To put this into perspective, Dallas’ coaching staff isn’t worried if Jarwin misses more games because of torn ACL because Schultz is doing more than enough to hold down the fort.

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Like I stated before, offensive challenged teams would pull the trigger real fast on a package deal of Gallup/Schultz. But this scenario only happens if Dallas views Pitts as the “BAP” over players like Patrick Surtain and Caleb Farley.

Sidenote: I hope the “BAP” is a defensive player, unless Dallas can wheel and deal and find some elite defensive help. I can’t stomach another subpar defensive team.

Dallas Cowboys Scenario #3

Basically, Dallas could trade Gallup before next season’s trade deadline for a defensive stud if they see that as the final piece to a team that can go with whatever moves they make in the offseason to bolster their roster.  This scenario is the least likely to happen because I expect Gallup to be putting up gaudy numbers while making Dallas the number one offense in the league.

In conclusion,

Just FYI, I’m a big Gallup fan and believe he’s on his way to being a star receiver in this league, but I do understand that he’s stuck between two other star receivers in Coop and Lamb, and they’ve both received huge paydays. And Gallup will deserve his, too.

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Further, we know Jerry and cheap man Stephen are not going to pay Gallup what he commands, so by default, Gallup is viable trade bait. But that’s only if Dallas is serious about improving its defense and going beyond the second round of the playoffs since 1995!