Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: Trading up for a Quarterback

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Dallas Cowboys Round 7, Pick 232

Garrett Wallow, LB


The last pick is a familiar face to many in North Texas, Garrett Wallow from TCU. Wallow, 6-foot-2, 230 lbs is a converted safety turned LB who – you guessed it – thrives in coverage. He has loose hips and can change directions in ways that makes Jaylon Smith look like a nose tackle.

Wallow is a natural blitzer and could be a real asset on passing downs since he could drop in coverage or bring the heat on any given play. Wallow is even a good pursuit player and solid tackler. He’s the complete package but like Cox, who was the LB we drafted earlier, he’s not going to win many battles if the D-line play in front of him allows offensive linemen to hit the second level.

Wallow is green and still learning the position but he has a good ceiling and he’s able to play nickel LB role with some safety overlap right away.

Dallas Cowboys Draft Debrief

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This is the Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft we replace Dak Prescott. In this situation, the Cowboys admit they will probably not find common ground and attempt to salvage the situation by trading him while they still can. They flip him for two first round picks and use two first round picks to trade up to replace him.

Moving up Dallas should be able to get their hands on the last of the top-4 QBs. In this situation it was Justin Fields but it could just as easily be Trey Lance. NEs pick went to DT, Dallas then went CB with Pick 2, LB and OT with the picks in the 3rd round, SAF and DT in Round 4, and then wrapped things up with another safety, a big play receiver project, and a nickel LB/safety hybrid.

Going QB at the top clearly sets the Dallas Cowboys back since all their needs remain and they have one less pick to get them filled, but together with a productive free agency, it’s a manageable situation.

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Trading Dak and going QB is not the ideal situation but it avoids the nightmare situation in Dak playing on the tag again and losing him for nothing next winter.