Dallas Cowboys 7 Round Mock Draft: No Trades/No surprises/Just chalk

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Dallas Cowboys Round 7, Pick 238

Chris Wilcox, CB


Chris Wilcox, currently No. 243 on Draft Network’s rankings is absolute gold in the seventh round. At 6-foot-2, 197lbs, he’s exactly the size and length the Dallas Cowboys are looking for in an outside cornerback.

Blessed with blazing speed and natural at playing press and using the sideline, Wilcox has real NFL potential as a Cover 1/ Cover 3 cornerback. He has questions about his ball skills and medical evaluations, but his potential more than makes up for any risk.


Frankly, I’m not sure why he’s projected so late on so many draft boards.

Dallas Cowboys Draft Breakdown

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So concludes the Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft (no frills edition). It wasn’t nearly as exotic or exciting as mock drafts in the past, but it’s highly realistic and hits on many of the Dallas Cowboys needs and tendencies.

We started with the top CB in the draft and added a high potential LB in the second round. Then we attacked offense and brought in arguably the most underrated TE prospect in the draft. Dallas added a DT and DB, followed by a high potential OT prospect.

The Cowboys finished up the draft with a solid LB from a big school, a slot receiver, a swing offensive lineman, a blazing fast CB. All in all, they filled a lot of holes for this year and next and covered some of their shortcomings in free agency.

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So what do you think? Is a no frills draft with no trades the way to go? Should the Dallas Cowboys do this or go a different route? Discuss in the comments and let us know!