Dallas Cowboys: Stephen Jones talks offseason philosophy and draft plan

Dallas Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

If you try to find all of the news you can on the Dallas Cowboys, odds are you have listened to 105.3, especially when Jerry or Stephen Jones is on the radio. Stephen appeared on Monday and had some words that left fans scratching their heads a little but also gave a peek at how the Cowboys see certain positions.

One thing we know for sure is the Dallas Cowboys are looking to improve their defense this draft, but won’t overlook an offensive player if that’s who drops to them.

Stephen Jones discussed the Dallas Cowboys’ philosophy to the upcoming draft, the defense, and positional value.

The most curious part of the interview is when Stephen starts talking about the safety position. Jones said about safety,

"“…obviously our ongoing, annual need for safety, which never seems to end either in terms of draft pick resource or dollar resource. It’s been at the low end of the totem pole.”"

The head-scratching part is that the front office knows the position has been an issue but continued to undervalue the position. In free agency, they have gone after cheaper players that are either not very good or recovering from injury.

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For a team that knows the position has been a problem, the obvious lack of spending resources on the position seems troubling. He also mentions losing Chidobe Awuzie as something that needs to be addressed, but again they have refused to keep more talented players and didn’t spend in free agency.

Certainly, for a team that knows there are problems in the secondary, to address them in the manner they have is puzzling.

Jones also addresses the “need” for upgrades at defensive line with a very quick, “You can never have enough defensive linemen.” It felt a little vague when considering the Cowboys have failed to stop the run for several years. The defensive line will most likely be addressed, and while it wasn’t a huge part of the conversation, but the fact it was brought up is something to note.

The next position that Jones made sure to speak on is linebacker, saying,

"“…and then with the game becoming such a game that’s played in space, you can’t have enough of those linebackers that can cover.”"

The Cowboys have invested quite a bit of draft capital and salary cap at linebacker. Perhaps they have realized they have made some mistakes at the position, or they value linebacker more than other positions. Fixing the defensive line and secondary would go a long way to improving their linebacker play.

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There was certainly a defensive heavy feel to the conversation, and rightfully so. He certainly didn’t rule out offensive players should one drop to them, but he was very pointed about every level of defense needing help. The question is why they have failed to use free agency to fill some of the holes, but Stephen is very concerned with the salary cap. With less than ten days left, Stephen has given some hints at their philosophies.