Dallas Cowboys fans laugh at NFC East foes’ draft picks

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Dallas Cowboys fans laughed hysterically as Washington picks linebacker selected linebacker Jamin Davis out of Kentucky with its 19th pick. Wow. I guess Washington Football Team don’t believe in franchise quarterbacks because they completely bypassed the position when the opportunity to move up was there for the taking.

So…is Washington being uppity because they won the easiest division in all of sports, the NFC East. Does Washington really believe it won the division because it was that good of a team? Or did they forget that the Cowboys were without franchise quarterback Dak Prescott because of a season-ending injury?

I literally laughed out loud!

By neglecting the all important quarterback position, Washington will continue its downward spiral as a team with their revolving door of nomad/no-name quarterbacks.  Their scoring output resembles a soccer match score more than a football game.

This bodes well for the Dallas Cowboys because they have offensive weapons to score points and renew its dominance over its longtime rival.

True, the Cowboys might can’t stop anyone because of its lackluster defense, but at least it can score more than three points. Unless their defense can score points, Washington will be as boring as the political scene in the Nation’s Capital. (LOL)

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles actually drafted a good player in wide receiver and Heisman Trophy winner,  Davonta Smith out of Alabama. In college, he was sensational, but when you weigh a buck and sixty-six pounds, the wind off the Delaware River will carry Smith off the field like a balloon slipping off a toddlers thumb.

Heck, even the Cowboys secondary can bully him around and make themselves look like a legitimate secondary. Even up and down cornerback Jourdan Lewis can stop him dead in his tracks.

What about Smith’s speed? Remember the wind will carry him off the field like a kite. So what damage will “Thin man Jones” do to opposing defenses? Nothing. Oh, and if Smith decides to get cute and cross the middle, well…Cowboys rookie linebacker Micah Parsons will be waiting for him…so once again its a “W” for Dallas and another fat “L” for the buzzards

The Eagles are unsure about Jalen Hurts being the starting quarterback, and un-mobile Joe Flacco is his backup or competition. If Mr. Fluke-co is his competition, Dallas will definitely sweep the buzzards like the dirt off a country porch. In other words, the buzzards should have selected Justin Fields with its 10th pick (they traded with Dallas and America’s Team gained an additional third round pick).

Talk about keeping your enemies close! Prime example!

Oh, I’m sorry I forgot to mention how the buzzards could have traded for cornerbacks Jaycee Horn or Patrick Surtain II, but they neglected that need, too. That means Dallas will whip the buzzards and watch their Heisman-trophy winning wide receiver float like the same kite Benjamin Franklin used in his kite experiment.

New York Giants

The Giants are just as bad with their selection because they traded their 11th pick to the Chicago Bears in return for the Bears 20th. The Giants selected a good player in Kadarius Toney, a wide receiver out of Florida. But that’s not what they needed. Nope.

The Giants added an offensive weapon to a turnover machine quarterback in Daniel Jones. Giving Jones more “perceived weapons” is like giving a 3-year-old more crayons and expecting them to color within the lines. Jones is as inconsistent as a toddler being potty trained. Some days he’ll make it, and some days…well, Jones will stink up the joint.

What the Giants needed was an offensive lineman like Rashawn Slater, but what good is drafting a receiver when the quarterback doesn’t have the protection? Or how about drafting one of these quarterbacks, Mac Jones or Fields. They were within reach. Once again, another divisional foe focusing on the bright lights of an offensive weapon instead of what it truly needs.

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Let’s remember that Jason Garrett is the offensive coordinator and he believes in clapping loud like he’s at a Maroon 5 concert instead of using the offensive weapons at his disposal (Cowboys Nation remembers). That’s a win for Dallas, baby!

 In conclusion, Washington, the buzzards, and the Gnats didn’t address the specific needs to upgrade their respective teams to compete for a divisional title. They all did the opposite as if their major needs were already addressed. As they say where I’m from, “they’re hustling backwards”.

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In fact, they’re hustling backwards like a man with a receding hairline. All three foes have uncertainties at  either the quarterback position, offensive line, secondary, skill positions. And if you don’t have a quarterback, then you don’t have a team.

But guess what? Dallas did address a major need when it selected the best defensive player in the draft with Parsons. Combine that with the foolery of the “3 Stooges”, and Dallas Cowboys are surly the winners on day one of the NFL draft and then some. As my Grandma used to say, put that in your pipe and smoke it!  BOOM! Baby!