NFL Draft 2021: Dallas Cowboys select Kelvin Joseph at 44 – CB is Secure

Kelvin Joseph, CB, Kentucky Mandatory Credit: Mickey Welsh/The Montgomery Advertiser via USA TODAY Sports
Kelvin Joseph, CB, Kentucky Mandatory Credit: Mickey Welsh/The Montgomery Advertiser via USA TODAY Sports /

The Dallas Cowboys have secured their boundary corner opening with Kelvin Joseph at 44, with a lot of speed and ball skills Joseph will start immediately.

Kelvin Joseph aka “Bossman Fat” fills a huge hole for the Dallas Cowboys at boundary corner. Joseph will start right away and has the speed and ball skills the Cowboys have wanted to add to the secondary.

The Dallas Cowboys drafted Kelvin Joseph at Pick 44 and secured the outside cornerback position

At his pro-day he ran a 4.3 40, and led Kentucky in interceptions and passes defended. Joseph was a huge pick for a team that missed out on their top corners in the first round. Joseph has the agility, twitch, and speed that give him a really high ceiling.

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The positives to Joseph are he is loose-hipped and will stay with receivers well. He can play both man and zone coverage and does well to recognize routes. He is aggressive attacking the ball and will contend against any size receiver. He is a steady tackler who is willing to play against the run, which not all corners do. Has all the swagger and confidence you could want from your corner. He moves quickly and decisively to stay with a receiver and gets his head around to spot the ball. He will also drive on the ball if he believes he can get there, and most of the time he can.

The cons to Joseph are largely based on his experience and maturity questions. Only starting one year and then opting out for the final two games does lead to questions on how developed he is and his drive for the game. He will sometimes allow big plays due to some vision/read issues and sloppy, some have said slightly lazy, technique. He is a smaller framed cornerback so jamming off the line may prove difficult in the NFL. Some coaches have spoken up for him, some have not, some feel rapping is more important than football.

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Joseph immediately fills a huge hole on the Dallas Cowboys for 2021, and we still could see more depth added. His ceiling is really high and had there not been questions about his maturity or drive for football, he could have been a first-round pick. A very solid pickup for a team that desperately needed a corner.

  • Published on 05/01/2021 at 00:34 AM
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