Dallas Cowboys: Don’t consider Dak Prescott to be an injury risk

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After seeing the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback fall to a horrific season-ending injury last autumn, it’s only natural to be weary of Dak Prescott’s ability to stay healthy this season. It’s likely the first dozen-plus times he goes down this year, fans will collectively hold their breath.

Playing the most important position on the team, Dak Prescott’s health will have an enormous impact on the success or failure of the Dallas Cowboys franchise this season. It’s understandable the team is easing him in cautiously, despite being ahead of schedule in his recovery.

The Dallas Cowboys should keep in mind, Dak Prescott isn’t any more an injury risk now than he was before.

In mini-camp, fans and media got a chance to see and speak to the Cowboys signal caller. And all indications are Dak is ready to rock and roll…

"“I can go and play in a game right now and in my head be very, very successful,” Dak Prescott said. ” So there is no doubt that when I need to be successful, when I need to do the things that it takes to be on the field, I’ll do exactly that and the time will be right.”"

Dak even stated he’d be ready to play a game right now if he had to. This should all be music to Cowboys Nation’s ears. Even more thrilling to hear is that this injury is in no way a sign of more injuries to come, a career-long weakness, or an indication that he’s injury prone.

Keep in mind, before this injury, Dak Prescott has been an iron man at quarterback. In Dak’s five NFL seasons, he’s played all 16 games four times. Last year was the first time Dak has ever missed a single game.

While some argue a break , that’s generally not the case. According to OrthoArizona (a collection of some of 70 of the top musculoskeletal specialists), a previously broken bone is neither more likely nor less likely to break a second time.

So to think Dak is extra vulnerable going forward, just because he suffered a break in the past, simply isn’t true.  Assuming his injury is fully healed, fans should expect a full season again from Dak in 2021.

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None of this is to suggest the Dallas Cowboys should be reckless with their franchise QB. It’s pointless to put him in risky situations this offseason. They know what they have in Dak, they don’t need full participation in mini-camp to prove it.

Before injury, Dak was on pace for some all-time passing records last season. That’s why he’s now the highest paid Cowboys of all time. Something I screamed from the rooftops during the Tony Romo era was – It’s better to risk rust than to risk injury.

Putting Dak in bubble-wrap now to ensure he’s fully healthy by week 1 seems like the smart way to go. But just because the Cowboys are playing it smart and being cautious shouldn’t indicate they’re worried about a reoccurrence.

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Dak Prescott has been an iron man in the NFL and just because a bone has been broken once, does not mean it’s more likely to be broken again.