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It is the time of the NFL football season cycle where fantasy starts to pick up and leagues get built. While there are a few methods for drafting a team, the large focus for most fantasy leagues is on offensive players with only a full defense and special teams for consideration. Most people start with running backs and wide receivers after a few rounds head to a quarterback, although some will grab a quarterback earlier and find a second wide receiver or running back later. The Dallas Cowboys are widely considered some of the better offensive selections in the draft.

Performance on the field tends to dictate performance in fantasy, with some exceptions. More receptions in many leagues give extra points, so if a receiver or running back catches more passes it will add to their overall value even if the yardage may not be high.

For all positions, some markers give bonus points if passed, so 100 yards running or receiving or 300 passing will add value to a player in fantasy. Touchdowns give six points to the player who scored and the quarterback if they passed the ball for the touchdown.

The Dallas Cowboys have some highly valued players in fantasy football…

The two easy players to target for fantasy are Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. Prescott in this offense should throw for a lot of yards and touchdowns. His ability to run when he has to will also add to his overall value at the quarterback position. In many leagues, Prescott is one of the top three quarterbacks selected with his value in a high-powered offense to play out both in fantasy and on the field.

Elliott as a running back holds value due to his likelihood of scoring in short-yardage situations at the goal-line. Elliott is also thought to gain enough yards per game and receive enough passes to warrant an early pick in most leagues. Should the Cowboys get out to bigger, early leads, Elliott running the clock out late will only add to his value for yardage.

The wide receiver position is one where each player holds value but also takes value away from the others. Amari Cooper is the top choice at the position with his route running and ability to break plays for extra yards and score touchdowns. However, with CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup Cooper is not always going to be the first option for Prescott which could lower his overall value in fantasy a little when compared to teams that have one really good receiver and then a more average supporting cast. Currently, ESPN has Cooper ranked as their 14th wide receiver in fantasy, with NFL ranking him 14th as well.

Lamb would probably be the second option in fantasy with his ability to play both inside and outside. Lamb has the speed to create separation and score from different places on the field. His receptions should be higher than Gallup which helps his value in PPR leagues, but his ability to garner larger yards per reception will also help in non-PPR leagues. ESPN currently has him ranked at 21 and the NFL ranking him at 18.

Gallup with his ability to get deep and make bigger catches helps his value as he can gain yardage quickly. Probably the third option in the powerful offense he will have games that will be outstanding but games where he is not as valuable. Having both Cooper and Lamb at the position hurts his ranking as ESPN currently has him ranked at 43 and the NFL has him at 35.

At tight end, Blake Jarwin is considered the top of the two Cowboys options, but due to the power on offense is not seen as a true number one tight end for most leagues. Dalton Schultz had a huge 2020 and takes value away from Jarwin as with Cooper, Lamb, Gallup, Elliott, and even Tony Pollard will hurt the overall value in fantasy of both tight ends. Jarwin is currently ranked 23 and Schultz is much lower than that, however, the NFL has the ranks flipped with Schultz at 23 and Jarwin much lower.

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The Dallas defense is seen as one of the worst in the league in terms of fantasy. With a ton of new players and some shaky play from the players in 2020, there is little value seen. The value seems to be for the potential of special teams, some sacks here and there, and some weaker opponents for 2021. ESPN currently has them ranked 24th and the NFL is even lower on the defense ranking them at 30.

The last viable Cowboy player (unless you are doing IDP where individual defensive players are picked) is the kicker Greg Zuerlein. ESPN is higher than the NFL is on Zeurlein ranking him at 9th compared to 22nd. A big part of the reason for the lower rankings is not Greg, but the idea the Cowboys offense will score more touchdowns and lowering his field goal chances which are three points rather than the one for the extra point.

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When looking at fantasy leagues for 2021, the offense is stacked with options but the defense will probably be left alone by most players who understand the value. Much like the regular season, the offense should be a powerhouse while the defense is a huge question. If you play fantasy and want a Cowboy or two on your roster, this should give an idea of the direction to turn.