Dallas Cowboys: 4 breakout players to re-sign before it’s too late

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Players the Dallas Cowboys should re-sign

Randy Gregory, Edge

Age: 28

In case you’ve been under a rock, I got news for you: Randy Gregory is dominating training camp. Even with Tyron Smith back to his dominant self, Gregory is looking like “war daddy” out there. He was one of the most efficient and productive players in the NFL in the second part of last season and looks to pick up where he left off in only the second training camp of his career.

Like Williams, Gregory has some detractors. He has yet to fulfill that double-digit sack season we’ve been promised, and has missed more action than actually played. To those people I say just wait and see.

Gregory has the kind of bend rarely seen in the NFL. He can turn the edge like no one else on the Dallas Cowboys and he has counter moves to boot. All he needs is the opportunity and he will explode.

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For those who’ve been following me, you’ll know I always harp on sacks being an unstable stat and that we should really be tracking pressures because, year to year, they are far more stable and far more telling of a pass-rushers worth. With that said, it’s hard to imagine Gregory not getting double digit sacks and that, my friends, bodes well for DeMarcus Lawrence and Micah Parsons who will also be rushing the passer.

Gregory and the Dallas Cowboys have a special relationship. It stands to reason he also wants to stay here as long as the money is fair. And given his sorted past, Dallas should probably be able to protect themselves in the contract from any possible suspensions, thus mitigating risk

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Investing in something/someone before their value goes through the roof is the strategy a financial investor uses as well as an NFL general manager.