Dallas Cowboys Predictions: 3 Reasons Micah Parsons wins DROY award

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Dallas Cowboys: 3 reasons Parsons wins DROY

Reason No. 3: Dan Quinn is building the whole defense around him

Something we discussed last week is how Dan Quinn is intent on playing to Micah’s strengths. Quinn wants to make his defense fit Micah rather than ask Micah to fit his defense. The impact of that can’t be understated.

We’ve seen Quinn chase mismatches this preseason: He’s had Parsons play MIKE, EDGE, WILL, DE, and even 3-tech DT. Quinn is turning this defense into a tool built to support and unleash Micah Parsons. That’s exactly what you want to see for the most physically gifted player on the roster.


Linebackers inherently have an advantage in DROY voting. Like running backs, they collect volume stats that captivate a certain segment of the population more than they probably should. So even without all of the moving and shaking Quinn has planned for him, Micah stood a pretty good chance of winning DROY as a off-ball LB alone.

But as we just discussed, Micah is more than an off-ball LB in Quinn’s defense. He’s going to make quality plays on top of those quantity plays. For an analytics guy like me, I can appreciate that. Parsons is going to get pressures. He’s going to get sacks. He’s going to disrupt the passing game – even probably make some interceptions. He’s going to do it all from a variety of different places and the national media is going to have a field day talking about it.

To state it simply: As long as Micah Parsons stays healthy, he’s going to be the Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2021.

Bonus Prediction: the Dallas Cowboys defense

As a bonus prediction we look at the Dallas Cowboys defense overall. After an absolutely abhorrent effort in 2020, the Dallas Cowboys focused intently on upgrading their defense this offseason. Not only did they focus most of their free agent resources on the defense, but they used nine of 11 picks on defense as well.

So how good will they be?

Not as good as we’d hoped. The Cowboys rolled the dice at CB and it may not be pretty. Contrary to popular belief, Dallas was worse against the pass than they were against the run. See Also: Cornerback could be a disaster for Dallas in 2021. 

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While I don’t think it’s going to be a disaster per say, I do think Dallas will be in a ton of shoot-outs while their young and inexperienced secondary develops. The Dallas Cowboys were last in the league against WR2 last year and it appears they just took a step back (in the short-term) while they attempt to fill Chidobe Awuzie’s fairly pedestrian sized shoes.

But this should work in the favor of Micah Parsons who will ultimately be given more time to make more plays and secure that DROY award fairly easily.

All in all, this defense will probably rate in the 17-23 range of NFL defenses. They will have more big plays produced than before, but will also give up a ton of yards through the air.

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What do you think? Am I too bullish on Micah Parsons and his role on this defense? Do you disagree with my overall assessment of the defense? Sound off!