Dallas Cowboys: Let’s make Cedrick Wilson QB3

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We’re gonna go off-script here. Waaaaay off script. Instead of talking about how the Dallas Cowboys screwed up letting Ron’Dell Carter go. Or how they are risking too much leaving Nick Ralston out there. Or even how Will Grier projects as a developmental prospect. We’re going to talk about who should really be QB3.

When the Dallas Cowboys cut down their roster yesterday, they opted to keep two QBs on their 53-man roster. Since neither Cooper Rush nor Garrett Gilbert were able to step up and claim the role, it made sense the Cowboys decided to go shallow at the position. They settled for the least terrible option and left it at that. I mean, why would you dedicate an extra roster spot to a second unworthy guy, right?

But then the Dallas Cowboys claimed Will Grier off of waivers pushing him into a QB3 role that probably shouldn’t exist in the first place. This inevitably led me to sarcastically (or was it?) proclaim:

The Dallas Cowboys need to roll the dice and go with Cedrick Wilson as their QB3 this season

As discussed in training camp, the logic for keeping a QB3 on the Dallas Cowboys roster this year is questionable. It would make sense if Dallas had multiple players step up and look worthy of a back-up or developmental role on the team. But the reality is – Dallas has neither a competent looking back-up nor a player worthy of developing.

An article we wrote earlier in the year discussed this very target. We made the case the Dallas Cowboys are completely hosed if Dak Prescott is lost for even a modest amount of time this year. That’s how bad the back-up QB situation is this year and that’s how dependent this team is on No. 4.

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To prepare for the worst case scenario is crazy because either way the Cowboys are “hosed”, so to speak. Why prepare for disaster when there’s no way to really avoid it.

The Dallas Cowboys have half a dozen worthy players outside the top-53 who should be on the roster. There’s really no reason to force another QB on the team just because of the position he plays. Why not keep an extra player who could actually help this team this season?

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Another question – Why would we target Cedrick Wilson as our emergency QB3?

Because he has a killer QBR (in two attempts) and he’s already serving a purpose as WR4 on the team, meaning we don’t need to dedicate an extra roster spot to a fairly worthless position. If Dak Prescott does go down for multiple weeks, then Dallas can elevate a practice squad QB or sign someone off the street. We’re talking about a replacement level position anyway here, folks.

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I fully realize the absurdity of calling Cedrick Wilson a QB, but it’s really just a nifty way of saying we only need two QBs on the active roster. The Dallas Cowboys ride or die with Dak, they might as well give their limited roster spots to players who can actually help in a winning campaign.