Dallas Cowboys: Why Dallas can win 12 or more games this season

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Since the NFL schedule came out back in May, the Dallas Cowboys and their fans alike have circled tonight’s game against the Super Bowl-winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the ageless Tom Brady.

While all of the critics and haters are predicting the Cowboys to lose badly to the talent-loaded Bucs, historically, the Cowboys play their best when they’re the underdogs. Trust me, it’s true. If you want to get the best out the Cowboys, just predict or label them lousy losers and you will see a different team that plays beyond their potential.

Whether the Cowboys lose or not to the Bucs tonight, it’s only one loss/win for a Cowboys team that boasts the second easiest schedule in a 17-game season (My Gawd!). And because the Cowboys have the second easiest schedule in the league, winning 12 or more games is realistic and perfectly attainable.

With the second easiest schedule and Dak Prescott leading the charge, the Dallas Cowboys can win 12 plus games this season.

I’ll discuss the “whys” and “hows” the Cowboys will get to those 12 plus victories later, but in the meantime, I want to discuss how the Dallas Cowboys can upset the Bucs tonight no national TV (or at least have an impressive performance in tone-setting performance).

The Dallas Cowboys best defense is the offense

The Bucs are the overwhelming favorites to obliterate Dallas tonight. This game is seen as an easy win and nothing more than a tune up for the Bucs as they begin the charge for their second consecutive Super Bowl.

Since 2019, Dak is 10-1 against the NFC East competition.

According to virtually all media and sports analysts, Dallas’ horrific defense from last season is the primary reason why Brady will throw for a thousand yards en route to a 60-10 debacle.

That happens unless Dallas does this…

In order for Dallas to have a fighting chance against the Bucs, they need better coaching.  Head coach Mike McCarthy, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn carry that burden. And that all starts on the offensive side of the ball. Period.

Dallas needs to come out in an 11 personnel and let Dak Prescott pick up where he left off from last season and spread the ball to Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, and Blake Jarwin. The only thing that can challenge a stout defense is a high powerful offense.

I’m not saying Dak needs to throw it 60 times for 500 yards, but Dak has to attack a Bucs secondary that allowed 68 percent completion rate last season.

Ah Hah. I bet you didn’t know that about the almighty Bucs defense. Tampa Bay’s secondary benefited from a dominant front seven, but they were not an elite secondary all by its lonesome.

Dallas must split the carries between Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard to keep the Bucs honest against the run even though the Bucs are dominant against the run. This is a game where 20 touches between Zeke and Pollard include catching passes out of the backfield, too.

Combine Dallas’ explosive offense with Dan Quinn mixing and disguising coverage’s on defense, then Dallas has a recipe for an upset or at least the opportunity to keep the game close. Be sure to check out Sport DFW’s Reid Hanson’s latest article about Dan’s Quinn defensive scheme stopping Brady.

How Dallas plays leads to….

Dallas Cowboys: 12 games – the big picture

The reason Dallas can win 12 games is simple: Dallas has the second easiest schedule in the league, has a top-10 quarterback in Dak, and has one of the most ultra- talented offensive rosters in the entire NFL. Oh, and Dak is the best quarterback in the NFC East-hands down. That’s a few guaranteed wins.

Normally, the team with the best quarterback and offensive weapons wins the division. Since 2019, Dak is 10-1 against the NFC East competition. HELLO!

More from Dallas Cowboys

Even if Dallas lose to the Bucs, I can see Dallas winning eight consecutive games against the likes of the Los Angeles Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, and Atlanta Falcons. Are you telling me Dallas can’t beat all of them (including Bill Belichick)? Unless something drastically changes with these opponents, Dallas will be favored in all of them.

That’s an 8-1 record with eight games remaining against the Kansas City Chiefs (on the road), Las Vegas Raiders, New Orleans Saints (on the road), Washington Football Team (twice), New York Giants ( on the road), Arizona Cardinals, and Eagles (on the road). The only game where Dallas will be favored to lose is against the Chiefs; therefore, Dallas should realistically go 7-1 during that stretch.

Can Dan Quinn's defensive scheme beat Tom Brady?. dark. Next

But to be objective, I will say Dallas goes 5-3 in their final eight games to give them a 13-4 record for the regular season. Sorry, but none of those teams have a quarterback that scares me not named Patrick Mahomes.

Man please, who is scared of Daniel Jones, Jameis Winston, Jalen Hurts, and journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Must Read. The Cowboys handled their DL situation perfectly this offseason. light

Must Read. Feel free to embrace the 0-1 start Cowboys fans. light

With Dak under center, a healthy offensive line, a new defensive coordinator, drafting more defensive players, a positive attitude, and a full off-season to boot, the Dallas Cowboys have everything in their favor and then some to win 12 or more games. And that includes upsetting the Bucs tonight! BOOM!