Cowboys 2023 Schedule: Predicting the Score of Every Remaining Game

Find out what the Cowboys' final record will be in 2023
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A disheartening loss to the Eagles in Week 9 put a damper on the Dallas Cowboys season but they were able to move past that in a hurry. They hosted the New York Giants in Week 10 and dropped 49 points on them while surrendering just 17. That means on the year, they outscored the Giants 89-17.

That game gave them a lot of confidence, especially since there were receivers other than CeeDee Lamb who stepped up. That will be huge for them over the final eight contests.

Speaking of that final stretch, let's look at who is left on the schedule while also predicting the outcome for each of those games.

Predicting Every Remaining Game on Cowboys 2023 Schedule

• Week 11: Cowboys @ Panthers - Nov. 19th
• Week 12: Commanders @ Cowboys - Nov. 23rd
• Week 13: Seahawks @ Cowboys - Nov. 30
• Week 14: Eagles @ Cowboys - Dec. 10th
• Week 15: Cowboys @ Bills - Dec. 17th
• Week 16: Cowboys @ Dolphins - Dec. 24th
• Week 17: Lions @ Cowboys - Dec. 30th
• Week 18: Cowboys @ Commanders - Jan. 7

Week 11: Cowboys @ Panthers - Nov. 19th

Facing the Giants was exactly what the Cowboys needed to get their spirits up following the loss to the Eagles. Now in Week 11, they're headed to Charlotte to face the Carolina Panthers — which is an excellent team to continue to build confidence against.

Carolina has been a mess this season and they enter Week 11 with a record of 1-8. They've been outscored 242-153 so far this year and Bryce Young is still trying to figure out his footing in the NFL.

Ironically enough, their best player this year has been Adam Thielen, whom the Cowboys tried to sign in the offseason. Thielen picked Carolina over Dallas and had a shocking statement when he said it was due to the Panthers shot at winning a Super Bowl. Well, these two teams will meet in Week 11 and Thielen will still be hoping the team he chose can find win No. 2 before the season ends. Because it won't happen here.

Score Prediction: Cowboys 34, Panthers 13
Record 7-3