Cowboys Legend Defends Micah Parsons Amid Sudden Controversy

A Dallas Cowboys legend comes to Micah Parsons' defense in the Malik Hooker controversy.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There is no such thing as downtime for Cowboys fans. Somehow, this team finds a way to create unnecessary drama out of thin air, even when the NFL world is on summer break. The latest saga in Dallas involves star defender Micah Parsons and Malik Hooker, after the veteran safety called Parsons out on a recent podcast appearance.

As is always the case with the Cowboys, this naturally became the biggest story in the NFL, with other high-profile names getting involved. The latest Cowboy to offer his commentary on the situation was star receiver Dez Bryant. The iconic pass-catcher immediately came to the defense of Parsons on social media.

Cowboys News: Dez Bryant Comes to Micah Parsons' Defense

Parsons gets enough criticism and hate from the media and fans of other teams. His teammates don't need to pile on. So it's nice to see that Parsons at least has the full support of a Cowboys legend.

Bryant is completely right. If Hooker did indeed have an issue with Parsons and his podcast, why not call him and discuss it? If you are accusing a teammate of causing distractions through his podcast, why are you going on one to create an even bigger distraction?

Plus, it's impossible to argue that his podcast is a distraction for Parsons. He hasn't missed a game since coming into the league, and not only has he been one of the best players on the Cowboys, but he has arguably been the best defender in the league over the last three years.

The Cowboys are doing a bad job protecting their star player. Having members of the team discuss these issues publicly is not a good look and the Cowboys have to make sure Parsons feels supported by the organization before this issue gets out of hand.

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