Cowboys Schedule: Predicting the Score of All 4 Remaining Games

Are the Dallas Cowboys going to be able to win their remaining games?
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Week 17: Detroit Lions @ Dallas Cowboys

Saturday, December 30, 7:15 PM CT

It's a good thing the Dallas Cowboys have already built up a solid collection of wins this season. This is a team facing one of the toughest three-game stretches of any team in the entire NFL right now.

To have to go on the road to play the Bills and Dolphins before coming home to take on the Detroit Lions? The Cowboys are going to get a run for their money, that's for sure. This home game against Detroit is a potential playoff primer with the Lions looking like the class of the NFC North this season. I wouldn't be surprised to see these two teams meet in the NFC Championship Game, though I'm sure the 49ers will have something to say about that.

The Lions haven't been playing great football lately. They've been turning the ball over at a higher rate, their defense hasn't played great, and the offense has stalled a little bit. They've allowed 29.8 points per game over the last five weeks, and since their bye week, that's one of the worst marks in the league.

Detroit coming to Dallas is a big advantage for the Cowboys, of course, and I think even if the Lions get them in a shootout here, the Cowboys are just too tough of a matchup.

Prediction: Cowboys win 27-23