Micah Parsons Speaks Out Against Brother's Cowboys Criticism

The Dallas Cowboys have been dealing with family members talking trash all week. Their star defender Micah Parsons finally broke his silence about all of it.
Joe Rondone / The Republic / USA TODAY

The Dallas Cowboys rightfully received plenty of criticism following their 48-32 wild-card loss to the Green Bay Packers. The implosion on the field was embarrassing enough, but unfortunately for the Cowboys fans, it seems to be continuing off the field as well.

Some family members of the Cowboys haven't taken the loss and the criticisms very well. After CeeDee Lamb's mother had choice words about the franchise quarterback, Dak Prescott's brother Tad took to social media to defend Dak. Then Terrence Parsons Jr., brother of Micah Parsons, threw the organization and the fans under the bus with his commentary.

Micah's brother Terrence's post on social media called out Prescott, telling him to "take 40 million or pack ya bags", adding that "the greatest crimes to [Micah Parsons] is being done by his own organization" and that the fans are going to "miss him when he is gone".

Cowboys News: Micah Parsons Underlines His Commitment to Dallas

This obviously had kickstarted rumors about Micah Parsons' future with the organization. However, the star defender finally broke his silence to address the drama on Sunday.

Taking to social media, Parsons pointed out that his brother's comments are "his & his alone". Highlighting his commitment to the organization and Dallas, Parsons underlined his desire to win a Super Bowl with the team.

This certainly helps the Cowboys fans feel a little bit better about the whole saga. Prescott, Parsons, and Lamb are arguably the three best players on the team, and the Cowboys need them to figure out any lingering tensions between the three of them and their families if they want to have a shot of making a Super Bowl run next year.

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