Possible Starting Point Guards For The Dallas Mavericks Next Season


The inevitable became reality when Rick Carlisle stated, in a media session, that he doesn’t expect Rajon Rondo to put on a Dallas Mavericks jersey ever again.

It all started during a game back in February. Rondo and Carlisle got into a shouting match during a game in which Rondo was benched. The next day he was suspended one game for “conduct detrimental to the team” and he sat out that night.

Ever since Rondo was traded to the Mavericks he has underperformed and in Game 2 against the Rockets, it got to an all-time low. He had 4 points on the night and engaged in many pushing matches with James Harden, in which he was called for a meaningless foul. He ended up only playing 36 seconds in the second half and it was obvious that him and Carlisle still had not found a way to work together. Reports came out after the game that he would not returning to the Mavs unless Carlisle was gone.

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So after all of this has gone down, it seems as if the Mavs will be without a starting point guard come this summer. Let’s take a look at three possible routes they could follow to get their next ball handler:

Pursue Another Trade

We all know how the last Mavs trade went and I’m sure it would be preferable if they avoided that option, however, there are a few points guards that could come on the market this summer. Most likely those players would be nothing more than backups though and the Mavs have plenty of them. This option is most likely not going to happen unless someone really, really good becomes available.

Sign A Point Guard In Free Agency

The point guard class is, by no means, loaded with premier talent this offseason but it does contain a few guys who could be important pieces for the future of the Mavs:

  • Goran Dragic: He would obviously be the number one option for any team searching for a point guard this summer. He has already announced that he will opt out of his contract and become a free agent this summer after being traded from the Suns to the Heat at the trade deadline. The one problem is that he is seeking a team where he can be “the man” which is obviously not the Mavs. His asking price might also be a little too high.
  • Brandon Knight: After a slow start to his career, Knight broke out with the Bucks and was eventually traded to the Suns where he was very productive. He could be looking for a better team this summer to thrive with and adding him could propel a team to contention in their respective conference. One issue is that he is a restricted free agent.
  • Reggie Jackson: Also a restricted free agent, Reggie Jackson requested a trade from the Thunder and was dealt to the Pistons at the trade deadline. He had a tough time getting going but eventually began to contribute for the Pistons. He is very explosive and would be the perfect fit since he is young and has experience playing on a good team like the Thunder.
  • Patrick Beverly: The last option that would be considered an above average pick-up is Patrick Beverley. He is out for the season for the Rockets and could be interested in a new home this offseason. He is yet another restricted free agent but if the Mavs could somehow get him, it would create even more tension between them and the Rockets.

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Use A Player Already On The Roster

The last option for the Mavs would be to upgrade someone like Devin Harris, J.J. Barea (unrestricted), or Raymond Felton (player option) to the starting position. I’m not sure if Barea would be the right option for the job due to his size but Harris or Felton would both be good options with starting experience. This would certainly be a downgrade from past seasons but it would be someone that already has chemistry with the team one that would not need time to gel.

Another interesting candidate for the job could be Monta Ellis. He is a shooting guard but many times last season, including in the Playoffs, he would turn into the primary ball handler and had decent success at it. I’m not sure if the Mavs would ever consider that but it has to be in the back of their mind with a much more plentiful stock of shooting guards on the market this summer.

Even though the Mavs thought they finally had their starting point guard earlier this season, it just didn’t work out. This summer, it will be critical to make sure they find the perfect guy for the job so they can make another attempt at contending in the West. Pay attention to the rest of the Mavs Playoff games this season because if free agency isn’t kind to them, you could be watching the Dallas Mavericks future starting point guard in action.