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I’m not sure if you heard but PG Rajon Rondo didn’t exactly work out the way he hoped he would. With Rondo gone…forever, who do the Dallas Mavericks have to choose from at PG?

The good news is the NBA is absolutely littered with quality point guards these days. In recent years, the PG position has arguably become the deepest of all positions. Half of the NBA has an established all-star or a player who could potentially be an all-star. Top-end PGs are everywhere…except free agency.

Therein lies the problem. The Dallas Mavericks are desperate to build a roster for aging Mav legend, Dirk Nowitzki, but without a PG on the roster, what hope do they have?

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Without a quality PG, the Dallas Mavericks have virtually no chance of luring other free agents. Unless the team is willing to overpay, the chances of convincing someone to choose Dallas, are extremely slim. That’s why the Mavericks must place immediate focus on PG.

Monta Ellis’ future with the Dallas Mavericks is also in question as he looks to opt out of his current deal, and sign a new agreement for considerably more money. While taking care of your own free agents is important, it still takes the backseat to PG. Ellis may like to handle the ball more than most SGs, but he’s not really a distributor and isn’t going be a draw to other free agents.

Let’s take a look at two PGs who could fit the bill:

Goran Dragic

Few will question, Goran Dragic is the top PG on the market this offseason. Considering all the other top PGs are restricted, Dragic may be the only decent lead PG on the market this offseason. Dragic averaged 16.2 points on 50% shooting, 35.5% from three, and 4.1 assists per game.

Dragic may not be the strongest defender in the NBA, but he’s clearly a strong and efficient scorer at the 1. It’s been said for a while that Dragic is looking to sign somewhere for max money, where he can be the face of the franchise. He also is very limited in what cities he considers “desirable”, making his most recent team, the Heat, favorites to re-sign him.

Behind Dragic, the best options in free agency this offseason are restricted free agents (like Chandler Parsons last season). These are considerably harder to lure and often times includes overpaying and/or agreeing with the opposing team. But given the lack of options, this may very well be the Mavericks’ best chance.

Patrick Beverley

This could be fun. The restricted free agent from Houston is perhaps the best PG defender on the market. If the Mavericks were able to retain JJ Barea for depth (They are expected to), a defender like Beverley would be the perfect match-up complement.

The only catch of course, Beverley is a restricted free agent and would require another in-state battle with Houston. Come to think of it, that could be a bonus. Beverley won’t command anything near max dollars, but he won’t come easy, and his injury history is a little concerning to say the least.

Whatever the Mavs decide to do, they better be quick and aggressive because in order to lure talent, you have to have talent, and the Mavs are severely lacking talent right now.

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