Mavericks Trade Rumors: DeAndre Jordan/Tyson Chandler Trade?


Free agency begins tomorrow and a sign-and-trade with the Clippers remains a very tantalizing possibility for the Dallas Mavericks.

The Dallas Mavericks need a star. After whiffing on superstars year after year, time is running out Dirk Nowitzki’s Dallas Mavericks. Few will argue LaMarcus Aldridge is the premiere free agent, and as such, the Mavs are fully expected to court the former local, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go after fellow-Texan, DeAndre Jordan as well.

DeAndre Jordan has expressed interest in returning to the great state of Texas, and intends on meeting with the Dallas Mavericks in coming weeks. Last year’s prize acquisition, Chandler Parsons, has been busy wooing the young double-double machine, and all indications say – it’s going well.

What makes DeAndre especially interesting is the ability to complete a sign-and trade with the Clippers. Portland has no intentions of facilitating a trade for Aldridge, and the Mavs have nothing to offer them in return anyway. The Clippers would obviously prefer to keep DeAndre Jordan, but if he’s intent on leaving, getting a consolation prize like Tyson Chandler back in return ain’t too bad.

Sign-and-trades are tricky things and require both players and both teams to be in agreement. But thinking an agreement can be made (as rumored), isn’t all that far-fetched. Assuming DeAndre Jordan insists on the Mavs, the Clippers would like to get someone in return who can cover them at center. For a team that wants to win now, Tyson Chandler is the perfect match.

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Tyson Chandler may be in the autumn of his career but his defensive prowess, offensive efficiency, and championship pedigree remain intact. Oh yeah, and he can shoot free throws. The winning attitude and leadership that a player like Chandler provides, would be a perfect match for the Clippers. And you can bet Chandler wants one more shot leading a legitimate contender as well.

The ancillary benefits are just as good. In order to make the money work, Raymond Felton would be sent packing to LA as well. The Dallas Mavericks may need PGs on their roster, but Felton isn’t the answer. Plus, sending Felton frees up much needed cap space.

The money saved in trading Felton, could go to re-signing Al-Farouq Aminu. Aminu, 24, is a free agent who is garnering attention from multiple teams this summer. He will require a real commitment with real money, and the Mavs want to keep their versatile defender if at all possible.

If the Dallas Mavericks strike out on LaMarcus Aldridge, but still swing a sign-and-trade with DeAndre Jordan, this summer will be seen as a resounding success. In addition, it could lay the groundwork for a huge 2016 season when the salary cap rockets up.

Just think — if the Mavs can trade for C DeAndre Jordan, keep SF/PF Aminu, sign SG Wesley Matthews (rumored to be very interested), and get either Patrick Beverley or Mo Williams to run the point…?  That would look very attractive to potential free agents in summer 2016 (when the Mavs will have cash again to bring in another max player).

The next two weeks should be exciting as the Mavs are once again players in the free agent market. Let’s hope this time it goes better than it has in the past, or the Mavs could find themselves far from contending anytime soon.

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