Mavericks Lose: DeAndre Jordan is the Worst


To us Mavericks fans, DeAndre Jordan is just the worst. Period.

Of all the non-murdering human beings walking the earth today, there is none worse than Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan. And if you’re a Mavericks fan, you probably feel the same.

Not since “The Cush” went back on his word to Jerry Maguire, only to covertly sign with sleazy Bob Sugar, has such a betrayal been seen. But even Cush (and his dad) had the stones to fess up and come clean, allowing Jerry time to fall back on Rod Tidwell. DeAndre couldn’t even tell the Mavericks. He hid.

By DeAndre Jordan committing early, and then reneging at the last minute, the Mavs are left without time and without options. The Mavericks don’t have a Rod Tidwell to fall back on. They don’t have much of anything.

It’s hard to place much blame on the Clippers. They did what anyone would do, given the circumstances. They are still dirtbags for having done it to the Mavericks, but it’s understandable dirtbaggery. Nope, the bulk of the anger should fall at the feet of DeAndre Jordan. A big steaming pile of “anger”.

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I like to look at the situation somewhat metaphorically. DeAndre Jordan felt underappreciated. He felt taken for granted in his long-term relationship with the Clippers. He just wanted to feel special again. He met the Dallas Mavericks and they made him feel special. Caught up in the emotion of “new love”, DeAndre agreed to join the Dallas Mavericks.

Now faced with the reality of loneliness and non-contender status, the Clippers realize their former center was (at the very least) better than nothing, and they needed to say all the things the Mavs said, whether they believe it or not. I imagine it went something like this:

Clippers: “Baby, I’m sorry I hurt you. I promise to not take you for granted and to treat you right from now on. I’m still going to love my buddies Chris Paul and Blake Griffin more, but I won’t be as obvious about it anymore.”

DeAndre: “I just need to feel special. I’m a great catch and there are a lot of teams that would love to have me.”

Clippers: “You’re right, baby. You are special, and from now on, we’ll treat you that way!”

“Just not as well as CP3 and Blake,” they muttered under their breath.

DeAndre: “What about the Mavs?”

Clippers: “Don’t worry, baby. We’ll take care of those Mavericks. You don’t have to make any more decisions as long as you’re with us. We’ll take care of you from now on.”

DeAndre: “I feel so safe in your arms.”

No one should be hateful over a game, but bitter seems perfectly acceptable. DeAndre doesn’t just hurt the 2015-16 Mavericks, but he likely cripples the team for many years to come. Who will want to join the Mavs next season? The Mavs have no young talent to speak of and are set to lose Chandler Parsons and Dirk Nowitzki in the next two seasons.

DeAndre Jordan’s lack of character and immaturity hurt the Mavericks – not his decision. If he just would have said “no”, he would have been fine and Mavs Nation wouldn’t hold it against him. But he didn’t. He committed and prevented the Mavs from pursuing anyone else. Then he de-committed and left the Mavs with nothing.

I will always keep a small part of my heart dedicated to intensely disliking DeAndre. I don’t wish injury on him, but I do wish postseason misfortune. I wish I could say “good riddance”, but the truth is I loved his fit on this team and would take him back in a heartbeat.

That’s why DeAndre’s the worst.

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