Dallas Mavericks: Lebron James to Mavericks?


The Dallas Mavericks will be in the market for a star player as the trade season begins. On December 15th a lot of moves will be made.

The Dallas Mavericks appear to be heading towards another NBA draft with a top-five pick. This means that big changes could be coming for the organization and one of those changes could be trying to land Lebron James during the month of December.

Now while it seems somewhat odd for James to decide to play for the Mavericks he would not necessarily have too as the Cavaliers could end up getting absolutely nothing if he hits free agency, and that means they are open for a deal.

The Dallas Mavericks have a ton of salary cap flexibility and young players to can contribute a lot to rebuilding a franchise. They do lack a prominent franchise player which has been evident this season.

James could be available for the right price and that could mean not necessarily giving up a whole lot. If the Mavericks throw in two “star” players (let’s stick with big men), players such as Wesley Matthews and Nerlens Noel plus a couple of future picks that could be enough to pry James away from the Cavaliers.

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Cleveland is already beginning to feel as if they are fighting a losing battle to keep James on the roster, plus when you add the fact that Dwayne Wade has not really been playing up to the caliber that he was expected. You could see how the team would want to make a change.

The major issue for the Cavaliers in competing with other top teams in the NBA is that James eats up a lot of cap space and signing him to another long-term deal really would not get them anywhere. James is seemingly set up for another run at free agency however things could change if the Cav’s get antsy.

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia Sixers would also be big-time factors in any free agent/trade situation but to be honest the Mavericks have more to offer in terms of personnel than the Lakers at this point in the season.

The Cavaliers will have a top-tier point guard in Isaiah Thomas when he gets healthy so if the Dallas Mavericks can convince them they need big men for the future than Noel and Matthews could be a hot commodity.

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Noel is already expected to be dealt and his contract is fairly small so the Cavaliers could still be contenders in free agency. Lebron is not going to resign with Cleveland and they still need a team that can compete in the east, the only way those things can happen is if they make a deal.

The Mavericks could also trade some of their most sought-after big men and still land Marvin Bagley III with a top-five pick. The Mavericks are on the cusp of something great however they will need to make the right moves over the next two years to solidify this team as a playoff contender.