Mavericks: Would Kobe have saved the Mavs?

DALLAS, TX - NOVEMBER 21: Kobe Bryant
DALLAS, TX - NOVEMBER 21: Kobe Bryant /

It was rumored that Kobe Bryant almost joined the Mavericks back in 2007, but would he have saved that dreadful  07′ season?

A year before Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant became a trade rumor, the Dallas Mavericks were destined to win their first NBA title. In ’06, the team was up 2-0 on the Miami Heat. And then came Dwyane Wade. Everyone knows what happened after that.

The burden did not stop there as the 2007 season brought more horror and pain to Mavs fans everywhere. That year, the team finished with an amazing 67-15 record but sometimes season success does not equal playoff success. In the first round, Dirk and the boys lost to the eight seeded Golden State Warriors 4-2.

This thus brings up the question: Would Kobe Bryant have saved the team’s 2007 collapse?

Two years ago in an interview with ESPN, owner Mark Cuban spoke about the idea of Kobe almost becoming a Maverick. He mentioned how was certain he had a deal to bring the “Black Mamba” to Dallas.

Some trade ideas that were discussed included sending Josh Howard and Jason Terry for Kobe and even a second idea that would ship the Dallas man himself, Dirk Nowitzki, for the the Lakers’ legendary guard.

If it were up to Mavs, they would have preferred the first trade idea (no offense to Howard or the Jet). There is no telling what a staring line-up of Kobe, Dirk, Devin Harris, Erick Dampier and Devean George would have done.

Had Kobe and Dirk joined forces in 2007, the team might gone the distance. That season’s playoffs included the Deron Williams’ Utah Jazz, the Steve Nash Suns, the big three in San Antonio, and yes, the Warriors too.

If the Lakers did indeed trade their All-Star, one thing guaranteed is that the combination of Dirk and Kobe would be better than half the teams in the Western Conference (not mentioning how a Spurs series would have turned out).

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Put the German and “Black Mamba” in the playoffs and the sensation of seeing Kobe and Lebron James in the finals together would probably come true.

Now, if the team were to go with the second route by trading Dirk for Kobe, the idea of the Mavs carrying the Larry O’Brien would be slim.

The second best player on the Dallas team that year would’ve been former role player Josh Howard. Having Howard, the Jet, Harris and Kobe together would have created a huge turmoil for the Dallas Mavericks and the team itself.

No disrespect to any players that season, but we all know that team might have one playoff series – at most.

Let’s just imagine Dirk who was averaging 24.6 points per game being teamed with Kobe who during the 2006-2007 season averaging 31.6 points per game. This would have been a sight to see and who knows maybe a dynasty in the making.

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So answering the status quo, yes indeed Kobe Bryant would have saved the Dallas Mavericks 2006-2007 season. Just look at the numbers and accomplishments both Maverick and Laker stars put up beyond the 07′ tenure.