Mavericks at the trade deadline: Kevin Love and his impact

CLEVELAND, OH - JANUARY 18: Kevin Love /

The Mavericks could theoretically be either helped or hurt by the movement of Kevin Love at the trade deadline. Here’s how…

The Dallas Mavericks are expected to be active at the trade deadline.  Playing for the future, rather than the present, the Mavs will likely opt to sell off soon-to-be free agents and other proven talent in order to collect future building blocks.

Such is the nature of a rebuild.

Recent turmoil in Cleveland, where All-Star, Kevin Love, was first accused of faking an illness to stay off the court, cause many to question if Love has a future with the Cavs. Now, reports state injury will keep him out for at least two months. As the Cavs struggle to collect wins, they may be searching for a shakeup that can fix the chemistry of the team. By trading Love they’re unlikely to get equal skill in return but if it’s somewhat comparable it could be seen as an “addition by subtraction” kinda move.

Kevin Love and the Mavs

While a player like Kevin Love isn’t exactly a young building block, he’s young enough and talented enough to warrant active pursuit from Dallas. At age 29, Love is just exiting the prime of his career. Even still, if Love hits the trade block, he’s expected to garner heavy interest.

Kevin Love is under contract for two more seasons. If the Mavs could package a combination of players and picks (Wesley Matthews, and Nerlens Noel), they could be players in trade talks. Noel would give Cleveland the rim protector they need, Matthews would be the type of versatile defender needed against a team like the Warriors, and a 1st round draft pick would help Cleveland rebuild when/if LeBron James leaves.

Kevin Love and the Lakers

Kevin Love, a California kid, would relish the chance to move home and the Lakers may be the perfect place. L.A. has trade pieces in Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson. Without a first round pick, the Lakers also have no motivation to tank.

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This summer they are expected to be major players in free agency.

If they want LeBron James, Love may not be such a great selling point. But if they want the underappreciated Paul George, showing him a young roster and proven side-kick in Love may be the perfect selling point.

With Julius Randle the most attainable young star on the market for the Mavs, Love’s availability and overall fit in LA is nothing but bad news.

Look around the rest of the NBA and you’ll see teams that could make a valid case for Kevin Love. Some of these teams would otherwise be potential trade partners with the Mavericks.

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The chances of the Mavs successfully trading for Love are slim but they certainly rise given his injury situation. But the chances of Love messing up the climate of the trade market is there as well.  This could either be good news or bad news for the Mavericks and we’ll probably find out within the next few days.