Dallas Mavericks: Is 21 seasons really worth it for Dirk?

DALLAS, TX - OCTOBER 25: Dirk Nowitzki
DALLAS, TX - OCTOBER 25: Dirk Nowitzki /

With the status of Dallas Mavericks Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki up in the air for next season, the question still remains: Does the big German need to comeback next season?

Last month was pure turmoil for the Dallas Mavericks. It all started when Mark Cuban echoed that the team’s best option is to continue losing games. Soon after the Mavericks continued making headlines as it was reported that the team’s former President had been harassing female workers in the workplace.

We also cannot forget about Earl Sneed too. Mavs fans everywhere get the picture. The start of this year has been just plain awful.

For now, it is unclear if the team will face any consequences in relation to the allegations. What we do now is, Dirk’s time in the National Basketball League (NBA) is coming to an end.

The future Hall of Famer has expressed interested to play beyond next season, but would it really be worth it?

Positives of Coming Back

If there is anything positive coming out of Dirk returning season it is that he would break Kobe Bryant’s record of playing 20 or more seasons with the same team.

Not many players now a days can say they have played their whole career with a single team. This would be a huge milestone for Dirk as he could be one of the few to say that.

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A 21st season would also help Dirk move up the NBA All-Time Scoring List. As it stands, the Mavs All-Star is currently 396 points from moving into the 5th spot; where Los Angeles Lakers legend Wilt Chamberlain currently holds the slot.

This would ultimately 110 % guarantee the German’s position in the Hall of Fame, although he is already currently a lock.

Records would be the biggest thing Dirk could improve on if he were to return for a 21st season.

Negatives of Coming Back

There is no question the Dallas Mavericks are in an all-out rebuilding mode.

Yes, owner Mark Cuban did state that this would be the last season the team would rebuild, but with the strength of the Western Conference improving, it may take more than just this season.

If Dirk does come back it would put him in the same position he is currently in. This means that he be positioned with a team that has no hope making of the playoffs.

On top of that, Dirk would be in a position where he would be playing for a team that has a list of uncertainties. The Dallas Mavericks are currently unsure if the NBA will come down at all with any sort of punishment for the action of former employees.

The team is also unsure if they can land any big time free agent this upcoming summer. They will have cap space, but the question will be if players want to come play in Dallas.

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Many come to wonder if there is anything for Dirk left to prove. He already has multiple All-Star appearances, broken numerous franchise and NBA records, as well he is an NBA championship.

As far as next season goes only Dirk can determine his future, but the headlines point to an already accomplished career.