Micah Parsons Makes Ridiculous Request to Cowboys Coach

The Dallas Cowboys' star defender is always looking for new ways to contribute to his team.
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The NFL changed its kickoff rules earlier last week, to put more emphasis on kickoff returns as they were getting increasingly less relevant over the years. The new rule means that the kicking and receiving teams will line up closer to each other without players being able to move until the kicked ball reaches the returner or hits the ground in a designated zone. A maximum of two returners will be in the landing zone to receive the ball.

This will naturally increase the value of kickoff returners in a big way. The Dallas Cowboys' special teams coordinator John Fassell was instrumental in getting this rule changed as the league was trying to find ways to address the 22% kickoff return rate last season.

Now that the kickoff return is back, the Dallas Cowboys might have a surprise returner ready to get some special team snaps next year: Micah Parsons.

Micah Parsons Wants to Be Cowboys' Primary Kickoff Returner

In an appearance on Ross Tucker Podcast this week, John Fassel disclosed the conversations he had with the Cowboys' star defender. Parsons has apparently asked Fassel previously to be the kickoff returner, which was obviously denied.

Fassel knows that Parsons would be an incredible kickoff returner. However, as he underlines in the interview, it is not his decision to make. Head coach Mike McCarthy would make that call and there is absolutely no way that the Cowboys would put their superstar defender in a vulnerable position like that.

It's also not the first time injury risk has led to the coaches resisting an expanded role for Parsons.

However, it's great to see Parsons advocate for more snaps and a larger role. We will see if any of the starters begin to get more special teams snaps now that the kickoff return is more critical.

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