Mavericks: Return of Curry could alter starting lineup

DALLAS, TX - OCTOBER 04: Seth Curry #30 of the Dallas Mavericks (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
DALLAS, TX - OCTOBER 04: Seth Curry #30 of the Dallas Mavericks (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

It was last reported that Mavericks’ guard Seth Curry would not become available until December 11th, and if so, changes could be coming to the starting lineup.

The Dallas Mavericks have shuffled the decks this season when it comes to the team’s starting lineup. It seems as though almost every player from Yogi Ferrell, Devin Harris and Nerlens Noel all had their share of time in the opening tip-off. As of late though, newcomer Maximilian Kleber has been getting a fair amount of minutes in the starting role.

With the return of guard Seth Curry soon upon us, coach Rick Carlisle could have some experimenting to do. While the team’s winning percentage has all but increased with Kleber in the line up, it does not mean that it will be his job for long. So far this season, the starting Power Forward/Center is averaging just 4.6 points points per game to go with 2.9 rebounds. Those are not impressive numbers for a player is the team’s starting center.

While the team has made strives with Kleber, Curry could be the secret weapon the team needs this season. Last season, Curry started 42 of the Mav’s 70 games. And when given the just chance, he proved what a valuable starter he can be.

In 12 of the 42 games Curry started last season, he averaged around 10 points per game compared to where he was just averaging  around 5-8 points per game as a role player off the bench.  As a starter, he had career high in points and even had a five game stretch where he scored 21, 24, 22, and 18 points a game.

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During the 2016-2017 season Curry attempted 703 shots, the most he ever shot during his four years in the National Basketball League (NBA). Basketball fans may argue that last season was the most minutes Curry was ever given, but one might attribute the  starting role played a factor in his number of shots per game.

A pairing of Curry, along with veteran Harrison Barnes and rookie Dennis Smith Jr could spell a winning recipe for the Mavericks. Right now Barnes is the teams’ leading score while Smith is top five in rookie points per game, to go with being Dallas’ second leading scorer.

If Steph Curry’s brother does get inserted into the Mavs’ starting rotation, the group might feature future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki, toiled with Wesley Matthews, Harrison Barnes, Dennis Smith Jr and Seth Curry. A lineup such as this could help Dallas go toe to toe with other teams like in the NBA that are now going towards the small ball option. It would also give them a fast tempo offense in which they would have scorers on every side of the ball.

The rookie Smith is already playing at a high level and giving him another shooting threat down the court would be of tremendous asset.

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If Seth Curry plays at the level and intensity he did last season, then the possibilities of having in the starting lineup would be endless.